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Protecting Your Driver’s License And Keeping Insurance Rates Down

Every Georgia traffic violation, or moving violation, carries a certain number of points. If you accumulate 15 points on your record, you could face losing your driver’s license, plus a drastic increase in your insurance premiums.

In an effort to prevent this, you must act quickly when you are ticketed by law enforcement. There is a specific protocol that must be followed when performing an arrest, and if a police officer misses a step, the evidence in the case may become inadmissible. This could make a difference for you.

Fighting Reckless Driving, Speeding, DUI And More On Your Behalf

At Fleming Law, PC, we have decades of experience digging deeply into the details surrounding traffic violation tickets to determine if all legal procedures were followed. The favorable outcome of your case, however, is dependent on timing. You must retain an experienced attorney as soon as possible in an effort to minimize the impacts on your driving record.

At our Savannah-based firm, the Fleming Law, PC, we have represented clients who have been charged with a wide variety of traffic-related offenses, including the following:

The points you accumulate on your license stay on your record for three years. Regardless of whether this is your first moving violation or your fifth, you will benefit greatly by having an experienced lawyer on your side. Let us answer your questions and help you pursue the best available outcome.

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